What do we do?

At Hazel Tutoring we believe in a fun, practical and personalized approach to teaching which gives children a purpose to their learning. Our approach is based on a UK scheme known as the Creative Curriculum. This outdoor and practical approach to teaching allows children to learn through real life and outdoor experiences. This in turn leads to greater engagement and therefore more effective learning. We have personalized this approach to create our own unique style of tuition.

Hazel Tutoring caters for children of any age in all of the subjects covered within the BC Curriculum. Our team are already working with children in the Squamish, Pemberton Whistler and Vancouver.

We specialize not only in closing gaps and misconceptions, but also in extending learning so that children are challenged as well as engaged.


“Matt was incredibly professional, he connected and built rapport easily with Alex. His sessions were fun and incredibly engaging and I was shocked to see such a quick shift in Alex's ability.’


“My daughter was having a tough time deciphering maths and her mind would just literally shut down. Matt was able to quickly build a strong rapport with her by fun maths games and his patient bubbly personality. He slowly built her skills at her own pace from the ground up, ensuring a strong foundation of math knowledge. Now she has the confidence to tackle math problems and figure it out.”