Matt hazel - whistler

Hi everyone!

My name is Matt. I am a fully qualified teacher from the UK. In 2014 I made the extremely difficult decision to leave my full time teaching role in the UK and move out to Whistler, Canada. Here, I became a CSIA level 1 ski instructor as well as a level 1 IDP bike guide for Whistler Blackcomb.

After several years in Canada, my passion for both teaching and learning led me to founding ‘Hazel Tutoring’. Creating this programme has allowed me to take my love of outdoor, practical and project based learning to a whole new level.

I am extremely proud of our programmes and I look forward to making a real difference to your child’s learning.


rosie hadfield - squamish

Hi there. I’m Rosie!

I started off thinking that I would go into Academia, doing a Masters in Plant Genetics at the University of Sheffield, UK. However, I spent half of my degree exploring the local landscape and so it was logical to become an outdoors instructor. Here I taught young people and inspired them to go climbing, biking and kayaking.

Attracted by New Zealand's incredible scenery and friendly culture, I lived there for a short period where I worked as a Canyon Guide and Teacher Aide. I am now exploring the idea of full time teaching, and am really loving experiencing how much children can take on with a different approach to learning. I am currently based in Squamish, and am loving all that the Sea-to-Sky corridor can offer!


Daniel hawker - westside vancouver

I am Daniel, I originate from Ireland's rugged southwest coast. I love mountains, oceans, and all things outdoors. Once I finished my university degree I decided to move to the perfect place for me, Vancouver. 
I love to inspire people through teaching. I began tutoring in 2014, and I have been helping students prepare for state examinations ever since. I have a very strong maths background, completing an undergraduate degree in Nanoscience and currently studying a Masters in Materials Engineering at UBC. 
Working as a kayaking and archery instructor has also given me extensive experience teaching new skills to children of all ages. I was drawn to Hazel tutoring as I share their ethos of educating through fun, outdoor and adaptive methods. 


Daniel Guglielmi - Whistler

Growing up in Adelaide, South Australia gave me the unique experience of a small town feel within a big city. Helping organize and facilitate community events at the local sporting clubs, schools and convention halls were always aspects of my adult life. I studied a Bachelor of Education majoring in Design Technology & Drama, at the University of South Australia. During this time I was working with children of mixed ages at various schools, and community camps. Assisting and teaching classes in English, Mathematics, Information Technology, Drama, & Design Technology. My drama background allows me to work improvisation games such as One word story, Mirror image, and What happens next, into the tutoring sessions. The practicality of my studies allow me to bring fun game aspects into the both lessons, using tools such as cards for quick times tables & theoretical probability, dice for BIDMAS and longer equations. While your son or daughter is having fun and laughing, they are always working on their education and learning.


Hannah Bostrom - Whistler

I spent the majority of my full time teaching career in the UK, where I taught full time for 3 years specializing in secondary mathematics up to A level (Grade 12)

Since moving to Canada, I have become a level 2 CSIA ski instructor as well as becoming a part of the Whistler Adaptive Ski Programme. This programme allows both children and adults with disabilities to fall in love with the mountains just like I did.

When teaching, I simplify complex mathematical concepts by using practical apparatus to break down misconceptions and challenges. I also believe in making real-life links to mathematics so that children can see a far greater purpose to their own learning.