Prepare your child for the upcoming school year with our summer camps.


what is it?

The summer holidays can be absolutely amazing for a child in BC, exploring the mountains, the lakes and enjoying the sunshine. However, it is easy forget about the importance of preparing for the following school year. Our summer camp programme allows for both of these to happen simultaneously. Combining essential maths and English skills with outdoor learning and activities.

The summer camps are designed so that your child is able to attend every week or even just drop in for a single day and still come away more prepared for the approaching school year.  


camp timetable

Week 1 the grand expedition

Monday 8th - Friday 12th July

The great expedition is coming soon….will you be ready to take on the challenge?

Monday - Map Quest - Planning routes using maths problem solving skills as well as the four operations, place value and measure. Followed by a preliminary hike to apply the skills.

Tuesday - First Contact - Discover your only way to communicate with the outside world. Create a letter to send home so that your location can be verified. But where will you take it?

Wednesday - Race Against Time - Using your mental maths, conversion and problem solving skills to locate and crack the code at an undisclosed lake in Whistler.

Thursday - Dear Diary - Hike back into the mountains to locate a lost diary belonging to a fellow explorer. Identify hidden meanings in the text to locate his whereabouts.

Friday - It Begins - Put all of your skills to the test and conquer the great expedition!

Week 2 - the great escape

Monday 15th - Friday 19th July

Plan your escape from a lost land hidden in the heart of Whistler village. Do you have what it takes?

Monday - Plane Site - You wake up in an unknown location. Look around. What do you see? What do you hear? Use your writing skills to describe to others where you are.

Tuesday - Crack the Code - You find a hidden code that may help you to escape. Use your mathematical and problem solving skills to crack the code.

Wednesday - Word Play - Use your inference skills to understand the story of the last person to attempt escape from the island. . Can you learn from their mistakes?

Thursday - Planning Makes Perfect - It is time to plan your journey home. Use your number, conversion and mapping skills to plan the perfect route to safety.

Friday - Home Coming - The time has come. Will you find your way home? Apply all of your skills to finally escape the lost land!

Week 3 - Blackcomb enterprise

Monday 22nd - Friday 26th July

You are the owner of a brand new business in Whistler. What product have you chosen to sell? How will you turn a profit? Will your business stay afloat?

Monday - Feeling Persuasive - Create and record an advertising campaign including writing a persuasive leaflet and put it to the test in and around Whistler village.

Tuesday - Mighty Dollar - Apply your mathematical skill to calculate profit margins, expenses and pitch your idea to a potential investor who will meet you.

Wednesday - Know Your Market - Use your reading skills to perform market research both online and throughout the Whistler community.

Thursday - Dreaded Delays -Your business faces severe problems during the production phase. Put your mathematical problem solving skills to the test. How will you solve them to keep your business moving forwards?

Friday - The Launch - It’s time to sell your product! Present to members of Whistler village and see how many orders you receive.

Week 4 - making headlines

Monday 12th - Friday 16th August

Disaster has struck in Whistler! As a local news reporter, it’s your job to keep the rest of the world up to date on the story as it unfolds!

Monday - Eye Witness - Interview the locals to find more detail about what happened and how the disaster occurred. Visit the scene of the disaster and take photos as well as patching live feeds back to the newsroom. Finally create a newspaper article to inform the public of your findings!

Tuesday - Investigate - Take a trip back to the disaster zone in order to take more detailed measurements and readings for your follow up article. Put your mathematical skills to the test!

Wednesday - Expert Analysis - You meet with the local scientists who present you with a factual report of their findings. Can you decipher the report in order to gain the vital information to feedback to your readers?

Thursday - Hidden Message - After a preliminary check of the disaster zone, you discover mathematical problems that are not from this world! Will you be able to piece the problems together?

Friday - World News - Finally, it’s time to present your news report to the world!

Times and Locations:

All camps will start at Millenium Place. Drop off at 9:00am.

Camps will run from 9:00am until 3:00pm with a 45 minute break for lunch at approximately 12:00pm.

Children should bring a packed lunch for the day as lunch may be outside.

Pick up will be at 3:00pm at Millenium Place.


5 Day Package (any dates can be chosen but must be pre booked): $450

10 Day Package (any dates can be chosen but must be pre booked): $800

Advanced single day booking: $110

Drop in session (depending on numbers): $130

Camps will run with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12 children.

Activities can be adapted so suit all ages if booked in advance.

Please call the day before using any day packages to ensure space and availability.

Updates on booking availability will be posted regularly.